Damian McNicholl talks about bullfighting on this week’s Oddcast

Author Damian McNicholl discusses what it’s like to be a literary agent, as well as an author stepping into the shoes of Ernest Hemingway by way of a novel about a real female bullfighter, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, and more, on this week’s Liars Club Oddcast.

Damian McNicholl

Academy-Award Winning Composer/Arranger Joe Renzetti on the Oddcast

From Leon Redbone to Barry Manilow. From “Sunny” to “98.6.” From “The Bristol Stomp” to  The Buddy Holly Story.
Joe Renzetti has been (and is) a guitarist, music arranger, and film composer, and a success in all these areas. An unforgettable interview with the Oscar-winning musician about writing for and working with top actors, singers, and musicians.
Joe Renzetti