The Psychopath in the SFF-sphere

Someone suggested I write regarding this topic of outrage. However, I’ve no desire to offer this particular individual one more inch of column space on which he/she/it would no doubt get off. But author Laura Mixon did a very careful analysis of the history and the enormity of this creature’s acts. If you want to see how a psychopath operates in our online world, it looks like this:

Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures is here!

Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures, an anthology of fiction dedicated to the work of the late Dave Stevens, is now officially available, with stories by yours truly, Yvonne Navarro, Nancy Holder, Nancy A. Collins, Don Webb, and many others. You’ll find cameo appearances by Hedy Lamarr, Johnny Weismuller, Howard Hughes, and even Simon Templar. We all tried to have as much fun writing these as we experienced reading Stevens’s magnificent original Rocketeer tales.Rocketeer-Jet-Pack-web